Why……do I do Landscapes?

Why do I do Landscapes?

Have you ever stood in a place where a moment just hangs in the air? When that moment is filled with awe, inspiration, belonging, passion, questions, belief, and, although it feels like the world has stopped for just that instant, you still somehow never really want it to end?

It is for these moments that I capture and share. They are very much part of the passion I have for this remarkable land that I call “Home”.

Yes, I have stood, many times, in a place where the moment just hung in the air. Yes, that moment was filled with awe, inspiration, belonging, passion, questions, belief and really, so, so badly, have never wanted it to end. Although, as you walk away, there is that irresistible energy, or motivation, that I have to share that essence of that moment, but with that bittersweet feeling of that moment left behind .

This is what this blog is all about – me sharing those moments, emotions and experiences of that journey with all of you who cares to view and read.

For me, that is photography.