So why call this Greyscotland?

Dava – The Scottish Weather

There is a duality in the reason.

Firstly, for those of you who have never visited this wonderful land called Scotland, it rains…….actually, it rains a lot. So we’re used to cloudy and overcast conditions here with that wet stuff falling out of the sky. The skies are grey most of the time and that doesn’t detract from the beauty that surrounds but simply adds to the drama and atmosphere of the land.

If it wasn’t for the inclement weather, Scotland wouldn’t be the inspiring and vibrant land that it is. It’s a land full of lochs, waterfalls, burns and rivers. A lush landscape full of forests, nature and arable. An ancient landscape with imposing Munro’s, glacially eroded Straths, historic Standing Stones and Castles. It is a landscape that is shaped by the ever-changing weather. In fact, it rains so much in places that there is actually a classified Rainforest in Scotland.

“You don’t come to Scotland for the weather – you come because of it!

Greyscotland is also fitting as my landscapes images are mostly Black & White. It is a big passion of mine – so much so, that my colour images are called “Failed B&W’s”. I have never been into the picture postcard type of images that has clear blue skies, Highland Coo’s and perfect scenery. It is where the art of interpretation is as it is what I see and the B&W medium gives that extra ineffable quality, in my mind.